Thank you volunteers for all you do!

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The greatest gift you have to give is yourself! 

Without your gift of service, we are not able to accomplish the work we do. By volunteering you are able to walk along side those in need throughout our community and be a symbol of hope to the hurting individuals that are experiencing homelessness.

Whether an individual, family or group, we would love to find a volunteer opportunity for you!

Here are some ways to get involved today:

To see or sign-up for available volunteer opportunities, please visit our online volunteer portal below:VolunteerHub


The Mission serves a substantial number of vulnerable populations, such as domestic violence victims, vulnerable adults, youth, etc. To help protect these populations, the volunteer application process includes a background review of criminal history.

Volunteer applicants with a criminal history are not automatically excluded from volunteering. The Mission considers a variety of factors, including, but not limited to the type of offense, frequency, magnitude, and timing of offenses.

If denied, volunteer applicants are always offered the opportunity to explain their criminal history and their accompanying stories of redemption, restitution, corrective actions, etc. That may not be readily apparent in an initial criminal background check.

While processing and clearing volunteer accounts, we’ve noticed a few of our volunteers have slipped through the cracks. If unable to see or register for volunteer events on our VolunteerHub website, please login and update your account. Afterwards email Volunteer@trm.org letting our volunteer department know that you have yet to be cleared for service. We will work quickly to ensure your account is up and running within 3-7 business days.

Additional questions or concerns about this process can be directed to Volunteer@trm.org

Are you looking to volunteer as a group? Fill out the form below:

Downtown/Men’s Campus: Limit of 20 per group.

Adams Family and Tyler Family Campuses: Limit of 10 per group.

*All volunteers within the group will be required to undergo a background check – Thank You!