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Providing Resources to Survive

Offering essential resources to our impoverished and vulnerable neighbors.


A warm, nutritious meal is something most of us take for granted. But we know that for our neighbors experiencing homelessness, a simple meal is often the first step toward a new life.

Our Good Neighbor Café provides over 800 meals a day to men, women and children living in poverty. Our Downtown Campus location is open to the public twice daily:

Breakfast: 7am-8am
Dinner: 5pm-6pm


Men’s Emergency Shelter

Our Men’s Shelter provides safe overnight shelter and warm, nutritious meals to over 1,400 homeless men in our community each year. Thanks to generous community members like you, we offer holistic case management, housing and employment services, life-skills courses, mental health support and adult basic education to anyone who walks through our doors.

Adams Street Family Shelter

Our Family Shelter now provides emergency shelter, meals and services every single day of the year to over 135 homeless families. At any given time, we are working with 40 homeless families providing services such as case management, mental health counseling services and career, housing placement and employment assistance


Each year we receive over 40,000 items of clothing and warmth from generous members of our community and redistribute them to men, women and children in need.


When you live on the streets, the line between safety and danger is very thin. A pair of dry socks, a warm blanket and an encouraging conversation can really make a difference. That is why our committed staff, along with community volunteers, hit the streets four times a week to distribute much-needed items and facilitate healing relationships. They also offer those they meet a ride back to the Mission for a chance to get off the streets for good. Because of our dedicated Search & Rescue staff and volunteers we provide support and services to over 4,000 unsheltered neighbors in Pierce County each year.

Overcoming Barriers

It’s such a blessing to be able to provide much-needed services to those experiencing homelessness, addiction and poverty in our community.


Men’s and Women’s New life Program

Our New Life Program is designed for those that have suffered from the devastation of substance use disorders. We offer help and hope in an environment that combines nurturing support with critical structure and accountability. Our staff work with clients individually and in groups to help them in all areas of life: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and more. This program is a twelve-month, faith-based, in-house program with the men’s and women’s programs located on separate campuses.

New Life Program Overview:

• Genesis Process Recovery and Relapse
• Prevention curriculum
• One on One Mentoring
• Adult Basic Education
(refresher courses in math, reading, and writing)
• High School Completion
(High School 21+ or GED)
• Job skills training and Career Coaching
• Each year these recovery programs help over 100 homeless and addicted men and women from our community become clean and sober. These clients now have a chance to become the men and women (and parents) they always hoped they’d be. Additionally, all of the children who are with their parents going through the New Life Program are enrolled in our vibrant Youth Program and offered counseling as well.


Our Counseling Services program on-site crisis & mental health counseling each year to our clients on all four of our campuses. This includes the children staying with us – perhaps the most abused, traumatized and vulnerable members of our entire community. We are committed to investing in the healthy development and mental well-being of the those we serve.


Education is often a defining factor in being able to overcome homelessness. Nearly 2 out of 5 adults who are struggling with homelessness don’t have a high school diploma. Our staff works with clients individually and in groups to help equip them with the tools and education necessary to gain employment. Our adult education hub, known as the Challenge Learning Center, provides over 10,000 hours of free adult basic education, tutoring, job skills training, resume assistance, and career and higher education navigation and is open to anyone in need in our community.

We are open to the public for High School Credential Completion support (HS21): Monday – Thursday 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm at our Downtown Campus

For Math and English tutoring, we are open Monday – Thursday 1:00pm – 3:00pm.


We are honored to extend a helping hand to those who have served our country in the armed forces. We have an office dedicated to Veterans experiencing homelessness to do just that! Our Veterans Resource Center, located at our Downtown Campus, provides direct service, assistance and guidance to our community’s homeless veterans who come to us for shelter and food. We link them with needed services while offering support and encouragement here at the Mission. In addition, we have dedicated a 10-bed dorm reserved for our country’s veterans experiencing homeless and it has been full since the day we opened it.

We are proud to partner with the US Veteran’s Affairs Administration to make these services available to our Veteran guests. We are also members of the VA Stakeholders Committee and Operation Comfort Warriors: Heroes to Home Towns.


We offer free legal services and guidance to anyone who is staying with us. In partnership with Open Door Legal, we remove legal barriers that often seem insurmountable to help individuals and families escape homelessness.

Equipping to Thrive

We provide guests with practical and holistic opportunities to build a permanent pathway out of poverty.


We provide career navigation services to prepare men and women experiencing homelessness to enter or re-enter the workforce and help open doors to future job opportunities. Among these services are resumé building and job interview training. Additionally, through our Vocational Training Program, guests of the Mission can develop their work-related skills, get hands on job training and build rapport with local employers.


We are committed to investing wholly in the children staying with us to promote a legacy of hope by breaking the cycle of homelessness and abuse. Our Youth Services Program supports the academic, emotional and social development of children experiencing homelessness. Each year we provide over 10,000 hours of supportive, nurturing guidance and educational off-campus experiences to over 350 traumatized and vulnerable homeless children a year. Children enrolled in our program have shown measurable improvement in academic performance and social well-being. In addition, we offer free childcare and preschool for working families at the Mission.

Supporting in Community

Connecting guests experiencing homelessness with long-term solutions and community support so they can be successful long after they have left the Mission.


Tyler Square Campus

Our Tyler Square Campus is home to our Tyler Family Housing Program that offers 15 subsidized, clean and sober, permanent housing apartment homes for families exiting out of homelessness. We continue to support these clients’ stabilization with case management, mental health counseling, life-skills development, and career navigation.

Jefferson Square Apartments

Our Jefferson Square Apartments provide permanent housing solutions for previously homeless single individuals with physical or mental disabilities. Like our Tyler Family Housing Program, we also offer residents at our Jefferson Campus continued stabilization services.


Our Christian faith in a God who deeply loves us and encounters us amidst our brokenness guides all of what we do at the Mission. That faith is at the foundation of how we see the lives of families and individuals restored and transformed Through bible studies, discipleship, and connecting with local faith communities, we seek to bring about positive, lasting change in each person who comes through our doors as well as our community as a whole.

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