Investing in our Future

We are committed to investing wholly in the children staying with us to promote a legacy of hope by breaking the cycle of homelessness and abuse. Our Youth Services Program supports the academic, emotional and social development of children experiencing homelessness. Each year we provide over 10,000 hours of supportive, nurturing guidance and educational off-campus experiences to over 350 traumatized and vulnerable homeless children a year. Children enrolled in our program have shown measurable improvement in academic performance and social well-being. In addition, we offer free childcare and preschool for working families at the Mission.

Our youth services are available to guests staying at our family campuses. To learn more about our youth services program please call 253-383-4493 or email Brigid at

We are blessed to have volunteers building relationships and walking alongside our youth. Because so many of you are investing in lives of the children that are staying with us, we are currently not accepting new volunteers for our Youth Services Program. Please check back with us to see if there are any openings.