One of our amazing Food Services Coordinators, Kim, understands the need for transformation firsthand.

After facing abuse as a child, Kim began battling a devastating addiction that lasted for 32 years. And landed her in prison.

While serving her sentence, God captured her heart. Restored her life. And gave her an unshakable desire to help people in need.

Now, she is working in our kitchen. Being the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

“Working at the Mission has given me clarity on who I am as a human being. My life has changed. Giving back has made me change. I never want to go back to that old lifestyle again,” Kim says.

“What God did for me, He can do for anyone.”

Often lasting transformation, like Kim experienced, can start with just one meal.

“When I hand someone a meal, I’m sharing that moment with them,” Kim says. “It may be the only meal they have that day. And that meal brings them the love of Jesus and lets them know they’re important. Right at that moment, they can let go of being angry or whatever they may have gone through in their past and feel cared for.”

“When someone donates or volunteers, it changes lives, it impacts and transforms lives. Their time and money is not being wasted. It is planting a very good seed,” explains Kim. “And it’s being fruitful right where it’s planted!”

This time of year, a lot of seeds are being planted.

“It’s always important to start preparing early for the busy holiday season,” Kim says, “That way we’re able to take care of each and every individual, so nobody’s left out. So that we don’t run out.”

“I’m hoping that during this holiday season the people we serve will know that they are a part of the family of the Mission. . . If we do our part by giving them great meals and whatever else they need during these holidays, they will know that they are loved and that they’re part of this family. We can give them hope.”

“One meal could save someone’s life, it could change someone’s whole outlook on turning their life around,” Kim says. “For the people who come to the Mission, a meal is love, it’s letting them know that they’re worth it.”

Will you help feed people? Each $4.11 you give will provide a meal for one person. Every meal matters!

To give a gift today, you can visit our Holiday Meals page.