Will was tired of being homeless. Not knowing when his family would have to move again.

He was tired of not having the same opportunities as other kids at school.

At just 11 years old, Will didn’t know how to deal with the anger he was feeling, so he just bottled it up instead.

“I was mad a lot,” he shares. “I’d be mad, and my mom would ask what was wrong, but I wouldn’t know how to tell her.” 

That is, until Will and his family moved to the Tacoma Rescue Mission’s Tyler Street Family Campus.

Immediately, Will’s life began to change.

Finally, Will and his family had a stable place to live. 

And Will was able to participate in the Mission’s Youth Program where he could receive the vital help and tools he needed.

Over time, he saw how much the staff, mentors, tutors and supporters like you cared about him.

He began to open up, sharing his experiences and working through what he was feeling. 

“It helps to have people I can talk to,” Will explains. “I can share and get to understand other kid’s stories. What got them here and where they are today. It’s pretty cool.”

Will’s mother, Dominique is thankful for the change and growth she’s seen in her son.

“This Youth Program has helped my son open up to me on an emotional level. Explaining to me how he feels and dealing with his anger.”

“I’ve seen such an improvement in the way Will reacts to certain conflicts. I thank everyone at the Mission for helping me mold my son into a young man.” 

Will loves the opportunities he gets through the Youth Program, too. 

“It’s pretty fun because we all have our tough times. The Program is a time to just have fun and be kids. It made me explore new things and work hard every day to achieve my dreams.” 

And Will has some amazing dreams!

He wants to play basketball in the NBA. Before he does that, he plans to get a business degree so that he’ll always have a steady job to fall back on.  

If it weren’t for friends like you, Will would still be plagued by anger, fear and struggling to recognize and communicate his emotions. 

Will now has opportunities, mentorship and support — emotionally, academically, socially and physically. All leading him towards a very bright future. 

Your gift today will help vulnerable children like Will receive crucial one-on-one mentoring, tutoring and more.

                      to change . . .