The COVID-19 crisis left Victor and kids without a place to call home.

Nearly every day, Victor’s two children ask him the same questions: “When are we going to move into our apartment?” and “When will this corona thing end?” 

Sadly, he can’t give them any answers. 

“We were supposed to move on March 18th. But the required inspection to move in was canceled due to Corona,” he shares.  

Now, Victor and his family must adapt as they continue their struggle to escape homelessness and rebuild their lives.

“My kids were psyched! They thought we were going to move into an apartment,” Victor explains. “They said, ‘Dad, we’re finally going to be able to be a family!”

“And now all of a sudden, it’s all shut down. As a dad just trying to do the best for your kids, do you know how bad that feels?”

When Victor’s ex-wife died last year, he fought to prove that his disability should not prevent him from getting custody of his kids.

“Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean that I can’t do the same things. I just do it totally in a different way,” he shares.

Victor was finally awarded custody of his children. But, since he was living with his parents who had failing health, Victor needed to find somewhere else to stay.

Without a place to live, Victor and his kids sought shelter and help at Mission. He found an afforable apartment with the critical help of his case manager soon after.

His children were by his side and they had a place to soon call home. Finally, everything was looking up!

But then the coronavirus hit. Now, everything is at a stand still and they don’t know when they’ll be able to move in to their new place.

While stuck in limbo, Victor is just trying to be the best dad he can be. 

He shares that on many days he holds back tears, disappointed that he can’t give his sons a real home.

But, he’s done everything he can for now.  

“My kids are just waiting for this all to end so we can move into the apartment and be a family.”

In the meantime, friends like you are helping to provide meals, shelter and essential care for Victor and children. 

While they are frustrated, and tired of being stuck inside, they are thankful for the Mission and caring partners like you.  

Victor shares that, despite their circumstances, “everyone at the Mission has been awesome. It’s a great place to get on your feet and to get yourself going. They’re just wonderful here.”

Your gift today, of any amount, will help provide crucial meals, vital shelter and critical services to someone like Victor and his kids.*

*Story written April 20, 2020