The Power of Hope: Sophia’s Story

August 24, 2018

Before Sophia came to Tacoma Rescue Mission, she wasn’t just ready to give up. She basically had. 

“I’ve been employed, a taxpayer, a student, a mom, I was all those things, and then I was homeless living in a tent, drug addicted,” she says. “I tried multiple times to stop. I tried multiple treatment centers to stop. But the more time went on, the more impossible the situation became, and then I just gave up. When I gave up, it just got really scary. I didn’t think I would ever find help.”

But even though Sophia gave up hope, friends like you didn’t. Your hope and help provided the meals and services that allowed her to heal from the inside out.

More than a Meal 

“A hot meal is different for someone who’s homeless,” Sophia says. “It’s not just eating. It’s that for two hours you’re warm, you’re safe, you can go to the bathroom, you can talk to the person you need to talk to.” 

Those conversations become connections and those connections can lead to more services that the Mission offers — like the recovery program that Sophia says saved her life and allowed her to experience real joy.

Heaven on Earth 

“My life was saved,” Sophia says of being sober, healthy and getting the help she needs.

“It’s complete heaven. I’m happier now than I was when I had all that clean time and had a house and a car and was almost graduating. I thought my life was perfect, but this is heaven. That’s what I wanna really press into.”

Your gift today will become a Bridge to Hope for other people like Sophia!