When you live on the streets, the line between safety and danger is very thin. A pair of dry socks, a warm blanket and an encouraging conversation can really make a difference.

That is why Mission volunteers hit the streets every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Search & Rescue Van, distributing these much-needed items and facilitating healing relationships. Our Search & Rescue staff also offer the men and women they meet a ride to safe shelter and a chance to get off the streets for good.

For more information call 253-383-4493 or email Mario at mariop@trm.org.

To volunteer with Search & Rescue, sign-up for a volunteer account on our volunteer page. Once your volunteer account is approved, contact Mario Perez at mariop@trm.org for your required Search & Rescue orientation.

Search & Rescue Toolkit:
Training Video
The “Why” Video
SR Volunteer Waiver Form
Donations Needed

Special thanks to:
Champions Foundation
Life Center Downtown
University Place Presbyterian Church
Relief Bed