Maria was lost in a relentless cycle of homelessness, isolation and addiction. 

“Night after night, it was the same thing. I had nowhere to lay my head or sit and take care of myself. Maria shares. “A deep sadness set in. I started to feel completely hopeless.” 

She felt no connection to her former self or her family — she had nothing. 

Until one night when she came to the Mission desperate for a meal. As she sat down one of our staff greeted her and shared, “if you want something better, there’s a recovery program and a safe place for you here.”  

A seed was planted. Maria couldn’t see it yet, but God was leading her to a new life. But Maria couldn’t see a way out yet or even imagine a healthy version of herself.

“I was so angry at God. I saw God working in other people’s lives. I didn’t think He was working in mine,” Maria explains. 

However God continued to put positive people in her life that pointed her toward the Mission’s women’s recovery program. Maria finally found enough courage to apply for the program. Haunted by fears and with little hope, she went in for an interview.

“I walked into the interview burdened with all my disappointments and failures,” Maria shares. “I didn’t think they would accept me. I had been in isolation and negativity for so long.” 

Much to Maria’s surprise, the recovery program’s manager, Brenda, invited her to join!

“I’ll never forget Brenda saying, ‘I don’t see any reason we can’t accept you into the program.'”

In that moment everything changed. Years of rejection, self-doubt and hopelessness melted away. Being accepted gave her hope for healing. Hope that she could have a better life.

“I thought this has to be God,” Maria shares.

In our recovery program, Maria received crucial counseling, job-training and more. She began realizing this was God’s plan all along. 

“God knew I would choose life. He had a plan for me. I just didn’t know,” she says.

Because of the generosity of supporters like you, Maria was able to recieve life-changing help. And live into God’s promise. 

“Now, I don’t live in fear,” Maria shares. “Through everything, God’s made me a true warrior and I’m really proud of that. Nothing I do in my life is important now unless it advances the kingdom of Jesus Christ.” 

Today, Maria is a proud graduate of our New Life Recovery Program. She has her peer counseling certification and is working in our community helping people in the same situation she was in. 

“I would have never imagined my life now. I thought this happiness only existed in heaven,” Maria shares. “On my worst day, I still get to go home to my kids, laugh with my baby and see my teen be successful in her academics. God has blessed me so much.” 

Maria’s testimony shows how God is making a tangible difference through your generosity and compassion. Your gifts are changing lives.