Key Accomplishments of 2017!

January 09, 2018

Family Shelter Expansion

Almost as soon as the Adams Family Campus opened, it was packed every night, all winter long.

Knowing that no child should have to live out of a tent or car, we committed to expanding our capacity. By moving other programs off-site, and purchasing more beds and bedding, we were able to increase the number of families we can shelter at any time by 60%.

Your continued support will help offer more programs and services to offer long-term sustainable pathways out of poverty for these families.


Temporary Off-Site Family Shelter Pilot Project

In addition to expanding our family shelter, we also launched a pilot project with the City of Tacoma, Sound Outreach, Altheimer Memorial Church and Bethlehem Baptist Church to offer additional temporary shelter for homeless families.

These churches welcomed up to 10 families each night, which allowed us to provide meals, case management and Christ-centered support while Sound Outreach worked with them to find them suitable housing.


Fully Implemented Professional Counseling Program

As you build relationships with people who are homeless, it’s impossible to ignore the need for mental health services.

We’re delighted to announce that this past year we were able to fully implement a new counseling program. But we are eager to expand so that we can offer high-quality mental health counseling to all our homeless neighbors.


Early Childhood and Youth Education Program

Thanks to the incredible generosity of people like you, we were able to complete our Early Childhood and Youth Education Center in the fall of 2017.

Moving into the next year, we will have more classroom space, upgraded accessibility, increased safety for our youth and the opportunity to help them break the cycle of poverty and homelessness they were born into.