Jocelyn joined the army shortly after high school and served at Fort Lewis. After serving our country, Jocelyn got married and had two beautiful kids. She thought she had found her happily-ever-after.  

But life took an unexpected turn when her family lost their home due to a natural disaster. Soon after, Jocelyn’s husband left her and the kids. 

Even though she was devastated, Jocelyn knew she had to pull through for the sake of her children. And she did! Jocelyn got a great job working at a long-term care facility. Things were looking up again. 

Then, COVID-19 hit. The pandemic caused a wave of cutbacks at her job. She was one of the employees that were laid off. 

Suddenly, her little family was in the midst of crisis once again. With no income to afford rent, they lost their housing.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what am I going to do at this point?’” Jocelyn remembers. “I didn’t want to be on the streets with my kids, but I didn’t know where to go.”

She began calling around to find out what resources were available.

One of her calls was to the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Relief washed over her as the staff member on the other end of the line told her that there was a room available for them. 

“I never knew that something like the Mission and the programs there existed,” she shares.“Once we were there at the Mission, honestly, I could finally lay my head down and not worry.”

Jocelyn and her kids moved into our Family Shelter, which was built 11 years ago when the Mission expanded to serve families.  

“It felt good to have a safe place to stay where everyone was there to support you. It was the stepping stone I needed to get to where I wanted to be,” Jocelyn shares gratefully. 

While Jocelyn’s kids were getting tutoring, mentoring and playing with other kids in our Youth Program, she was able to take advantage of our Career Development Programs. 

Our Youth and Career Development Programs were crucial in helping Jocelyn get back on 

“I’d been applying for jobs before I got into the shelter. I hadn’t heard anything back,” Jocelyn explains. “The first thing Maye, one of the staff, did was review my resume and help me refine it. Those little changes made a big difference.”  

With those tweaks to her resume and other support, Jocelyn was able to get an interview and a job!

“I’m just very thankful that the Mission was there for me. It’s gotten us to where we’re at now. We have our own place and I have a steady job,” Jocelyn shares. 

“When we were at the Mission, there were people there to help you along the way,” she continues. “That’s what I needed, that’s what a lot of people still need.” 

If friends like you hadn’t helped the Mission grow. If you hadn’t helped usserve more of our neighbors in need. If you hadn’t helped us add programs to better help individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Jocelyn’s family would still be struggling.

Your gift today will help us continue growing to help transform and restore more lives!


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