Janice was thrilled when her job transferred her from Spokane to Tacoma. Her new town felt like a perfect fit. 

Then, COVID hit and Janice, at 62 years old, had her life turned upside down.

 “I got a notice that my job was folding because of COVID. I lost that job. That’s when I ended up homeless,” Janice says sadly. “It was a real quick spin down, like I could not believe.” 

With nowhere to go and little savings, Janice was forced to move into her car, searching for jobs on her phone and praying for help. 

One night, while she was sleeping scrunched up in her car, she pinched a nerve in her back.  

“I couldn’t walk for a couple of days because the pain in my back was so bad,” she says.  

Janice had no choice but to go to the doctor. He offered her an answer to her prayers.

“My doctor told me about the Women’s Shelter at the Tacoma Rescue Mission, so I went there,” Janice says, her voice full of gratitude. 

“I had faith that the Lord would open doors for me at the Mission and He did. I was able to start getting my life back together.” 

Janice had been taking sponge baths in truck stop bathrooms and living out of her car. She constantly feared that someone would see her and try to hurt her, break into her car – or worse. But all those fears began to disappear when Janice got to the Mission. 

Finally, she had a warm bed to sleep in and hot meals to eat each day. She had a chance to just rest and begin rebuilding her life. 

“I had a peace that passes all understanding,” Janice emotionally shares. 

“It meant the world to just be safe. And not just for me, but for all the women. It means the world. You don’t have to worry about getting raped, mugged, abused or anything.”

Having safety, stability and the support of Mission staff allowed Janice to come up with a plan to step into a better future.

“At the shelter, I was able to refocus,” Janice shares. “I had the time to just be with God, and seek direction and guidance with the help of the staff that was there.”

Because of the compassionate support of friends like you, Janice is no longer experiencing homelessness. 

While at the Mission, she had the opportunity to heal and reconnect with her family. Eventually, Janice saved enough to move back to the South, where she’s originally from. 

She’s now living with one of her children, looking for work and helping to care for her infant grandson. Janice is loving the chance to be a hands-on grandma.  

“I thank God every day I wake up. I’m very grateful,” she says, smiling.“I want to share my deepest, humblest, most sincere gratitude for the people who donate, it’s so worth it. I’m going to be one of them soon. Just, thank you.”

You can help rescue another woman who’s in dire need. Will you help change a life today?

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