Jake was battling on-going hurt and pain from a childhood trauma. Alcohol seemed to be the only way he could escape. 

“My drinking didn’t start out like a mudslide,” Jake explains. “It gradually built up and then the floor started to fall away.” 

And after Jake lost his job due to drinking, it only got worse.

He began drinking every day from the moment he woke up. It didn’t matter what time it was. 

One morning, Jake woke up in the middle of an empty field, rain pouring down on him. He couldn’t remember how he got there. But, he knew this was it. He had hit rock bottom

“I just looked at myself and thought, ‘What am I doing?’ That day I decided I needed to get help,” he remembers.

Jake realized, then and there, that things needed to change. He needed a new start. 

Jake came to the Tacoma Rescue Mission broken, hoping for a chance at a new life

He found it in our New life Recovery Program. Thanks to God’s grace and the support of friends like you, Jake got the help he needed to overcome his battle with addiction.  

“Everyone is very supportive. Instead of just learning how to stay sober, we’re also taught how to move on in life,” Jake shares. 

With God leading the way and thanks to crucial resources at the Mission, Jake has rebuilt his life. And he has a deeper relationship with Jesus than ever before.

“This program doesn’t just help separate you from drugs and alcohol. It introduces you to God,” Jake explains. “I can feel God’s presence and spirit. I definitely know He is working here.” 

Every area of Jake’s life has been made new. He is completely sober, has moved into housing, has a renewed faith in Christ, is healing broken relationships, and is working on producing a worship album. 

On top of all that, he has a new job with a local painting company owned by a former New Life Recovery Program graduate! 

And it is all possible because of the generosity of community members like you and the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

As Jake looks to the future, there’s one thing he’s determined to do: help others experience new life too. 

“There’s nothing I can do to change the past, but there’s everything I can do to help the next person in line who is still struggling. I went through this for a reason. I’m going to help others.” 

You can join him in helping individuals and families who are still in desperate need. 

Will you help a neighbor who is hurting step into a new life by sending an Easter gift today? Every $32.73 you give provides a day of care and resources to one person in the Mission’s recovery program.