Hope is the Start of Transformation

Bridges to Hope

Bridges to Hope is our campaign to reconnect our homeless neighbors with the resources they need to
become whole again.

Bridges to Hope provides people with multiple avenues to restored hope and a new life.

By working together, we can reconnect those struggling with homelessness with the many different resources
needed to rejoin our community – and it allows us as a community to reach out to them and provide those
resources. It’s a two-way street! Find out more at www.bridgestohope.org.


Homelessness in Pierce County: A complex issue

There are multiple reasons a person becomes homeless. That’s why it takes a multitude of resources to help

someone restore their life.
Here are the most frequent reasons people find themselves homeless in our community.
• Catastrophic event
• Job loss or low wages
• Domestic violence
• Lack of low-income housing
• Mental illness
• Drug or alcohol addiction
• Loss of spouse
• Health problems
• Gambling