Give a Meal.
Change a Life.

Each $2.38 feeds one person this holiday season

Even One Meal Can Change a Life!

Help change a life – like Anthony’s – by providing a meal to a neighbor in need. Every meal you give can open the door to vital resources and care. Helping individuals and families in need escape the streets and rebuild their lives.

Change Another Life Today!

“Now I have 16 months clean, I have a relationship with my children and grandchildren, I’ve overcome co-dependency, I have and apartment, a license and a car. It’s changed my whole life. And it’s just crazy to think it all started with coming to the Mission for dinner.”


“I thought there was no love for me out there anymore, but I was wrong. There is, and I found that in a meal.”


“When you have good food in your belly then the whole day is so much better. You start to have a future when you start feeling good”


“That Thanksgiving meal showed me there was still hope.”


“When you’re hungry and dehydrated you start to lose grip on what’s going on. Just being able to get something to eat can center you again.”


“To see meals being handed out, I was so thankful for whoever was behind it. Like I was in tears, it meant so much.”


“I was giving myself a slow death out there on the streets. I started coming here for dinner. The Mission saved my life.”


“When you’re starving, you feel so weak. You can barely move, much less walk around. That first meal I had at the Mission turned everything around.”


“Without this place, I would’ve been hopeless myself. I wouldn’t have known what to do.”


“I kind of gave up out on the streets because I didn’t think there were really any good people in the world. But when I came here and got a meal, everybody here was so nice and genuinely cared. It was a bright spot.”


“If someone cares enough to give me a hot meal, then maybe I can actually change.”


“I saw that it wasn’t just an act . . . the meals that staff and volunteers were serving showed me they cared. And wanted to help everyone coming through the doors anyway they could.”


“I thought I was actually going to dinner with my family jut because of the way they served us.”


“The Mission is where most homeless people go to eat because they know that eating is different for someone who’s homeless. It’s not just eating, it’s that for a few hours you’re warm, you can use the bathroom, you can talk to the person you need to talk to so you can get help.”


“Feeding people is a big part of just opening the door. We do more than serve the homeless. We give people hope, security and motivation.”

Andrew, Mission Staff

A Meal is the First Step

The desperate need for food often brings men, women and children to the Mission for the first time. After they eat, they discover everything they need to change their lives is right here, including resources such as:

Daily Meals

Daily Meals

“I thought there was no love for me out there anymore, but I was wrong. There is, and I found that in a meal.”
– James



“If this place did not exist, our baby would have died. That’s a hard, medical fact.”
– Dave

Job Readiness

Job Readiness

“The staff at the Mission gave me a voice . . . they kept encouraging me and more.”
– Jason



“The Mission helped me be more than I was. Without the confidence I now have with my GED, I wouldn’t be where I am.” – Paul

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

“This program is what made the difference. It’s not a clean and sober program, it’s discipleship.”
– Morgan

Faith Formation

Faith Formation

“I felt like there were chains holding me down. I didn’t know I could ask Jesus to release me. I can breathe now. Before, I felt dead.” – Kathleen

Mental Health

Mental Health

“I learned where my behaviors came from. Why I was so angry and defensive. It helped me have goals and achieve them.” – Amanda

Veteran Services

Veteran Services

“My life was getting bleaker. Being here gave me hope. You can really see the staff’s dedication to helping veterans like me.” – Justin

Youth Services

Youth Services

“Without the Mission, I wouldn’t be graduating.”
– Tre’von,
Age 17

Together, We Can
Make a Difference

“I enthusiastically support the Tacoma Rescue Mission in its work to meet the essential needs of our Tacoma citizens that struggle with homelessness. As Tacoma’s mayor, I believe that our community is only as strong as our ability to care for our most vulnerable residents. Through their efforts, the Tacoma Rescue Mission is creating durable pathways out of homelessness and poverty, extending real hope and ultimately helping build a more thriving city.”

Victoria Woodards | City of Tacoma Mayor

Meals are a basic need

“Providing food is the first step in meeting someone who is struggling right where they are at. Food can alleviate the desperation that comes with being hungry. It’s heartbreaking to see people in our community desperately hungry.

People who are made in God’s image having to dig through trash cans just to find something to eat. Providing meals can alleviate that desperation. It can build dignity back and restore someone’s humanity, just to have a hot meal and someone to talk to. It can open the door to letting them know that they are cared for and loved. To them being encouraged and helped so they can get on a path to wholeness and transition back into society in a healthy way.

That’s what happens at the Mission. It is good grounds to sew into because it’s where lives are changing.”

Todd & Jennifer Peterson, Mission Donors

You Will Make a Difference

“During the holiday season, we serve more meals than any other time of year as so many people are coming to us . . . I’m asking that you please engage in supporting these neighbors by giving generously to provide those meals this year and really help people in a tangible, loving way.”

– Duke Paulson, Executive Director. 

Watch this short video to hear more about why your partnership this holiday season is so vital.

“We love because he first loved us.”

It Starts with YOU
Give a Meal.
Change a Life.

Each $2.38 helps provide one life-changing meal this holiday season.

We help all people; including clients, volunteers, donors and staff, to become their best. We provide emergency services such as shelter and food to the homeless or hurting; offer self-sufficiency programs to help lift a person from poverty and break the chains of addiction; support prevention programs and share our Christian faith.