Dean was almost hit by a car one night while sleepwalking away from his tent.

His sleepwalking episodes had become more frequent. Since living on the streetswithout a bed, daily meals or adequate healthcare.

A severe, 30-year case of restless leg syndrome kept Dean constantly sleep deprived. This along with his addiction and struggle with homelessness were a dangerous combination.

“I’ve been severly deprived of sleep for so long. At that time, I was only sleeping about 15 hours a week. Andit was going to kill me,” he says matter-of-factly. 

He desperately needed rest. Even though the thought of sleepwalking made him frightened to even close his eyes.

Dean knew he couldn’t survive on the streets much longer. He didn’t know what to do, where to go or who to even trust for help.

He sat in his wet tent. Cold and alone. Praying for a miracle.

That’s when the Mission’s Search & Rescue street ministry team stopped by his campsite. Offering food, warm clothes and a listening ear. 

“I was sitting out there in the cold thinking nobody cared,” Dean emotionally shares. “When Search & Rescue stopped and gave me something to eat, it meant everything to me.”

While Dean was grateful for their help, he didn’t know if he could trust them. Having had a history of broken trust and abuse among his family members and so-called friends.

But, the Search & Rescue team didn’t give up on Dean.They understood his struggle.They continued to visit him. Providing essential items and an invitation back to the Mission for safe shelter, hot meals and an opportunity to join the New Life Recovery Program. 

Eventually, a foundation of trust was built between Dean and the team. And, because of that, Dean finally accepted their invitation.

“Building trust was the first step in helping me get off the street,” Dean shares. “For people out there, if there’s no trust, they won’t even take a sandwich from you. They’ll just go hungry. You have to have trust. That’s what the Search & Rescue team establishes.”

Thanks to partners like you who make our Search & Rescue ministry possible, Dean is on the path to a better future. 

Soon after arriving at the Mission, Dean joined our New Life Recovery Program! 

“I wouldn’t have made it here without Search & Rescue,” Dean explains thankfully. “I’m going to put my heart into doing the best I can here.”

Now Dean is getting the medical help he needs, he’s sober AND is going to school! He eventually wants to volunteer with the Search & Rescue team that saved his life.

“I will be a witness to people still on the streets that the Mission is a good place to go if you want to get your life back,” Dean excitedly shares.

Supporters like you helped make it possible for Dean to be rescued. And to rebuild his life. You can do the same for someone else in need. 

Your gift today will provide a vital rescue for another hurting neighbor who’s desperate for a refuge from the streets. And a changed life.

Each $8.04 you give today will help rescue someone like Dean from the cold, wet & dangerous streets.