On behalf of the Tacoma Rescue Mission, I want to express our deep pain, anger, and sorrow for every black man, woman, boy and girl in this time. 

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Manuel Ellis and many others created in God’s image – loved perfectly, completely, and unconditionally by their creator – have unjustly been killed in tragic ways. Because of this, we feel sorrow, anger, fear, confusion, hurt, hopelessness, and so much more – often all at the same time.

We’ve been discussing equity and diversity at the Mission and now it’s at the forefront of the country’s mind. Our daily ministry at the Mission continues to be to advocate on behalf of those we serve.

We build relationships with each individual or family who comes to us, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, past experiences or identity. Our goal is to offer life-changing resources and support that will empower our guests and lead to transformed lives. This cannot happen without viewing each person through God’s eyes of love, grace and mercy – committing to following Jesus’s example of compassionately caring for the oppressed. 

We acknowledge the trauma and pain our black team members and neighbors have experienced, and continue to experience, because of systemic racism. We hear your voices and will continue to do the work of listening, embracing, partnering, and learning as we stand in solidarity with all those who are hurting. 

In Christ,

Duke Paulson, Executive Director