Ashley faced some of the hardest challenges in her life this past year. 

“I was in a very bad relationship. Me and my daughter were being abused, physically and mentally,” she shares. “I had to leave. I needed to protect my baby girl.” 

It was a matter of life and death. Ashley fled with her young daughter to an apartment that she had already found for them.

Ashley felt like she could finally breathe. Most importantly, her daughter was safe.

In order to keep up with the rent and provide for her daughter, Ashley worked two jobs. She finally was starting to get back on her feet.

Then COVID hit and Ashley lost both of her jobs. She could no longer afford rent.

Suddenly, in the midst of a pandemic, Ashley and her little girl were facing homelessness.

Ashley desperately needed help and a refuge for her and her precious daughter. That’s when she found out about the Tacoma Rescue Mission’s family shelter.

Thanks to generous friends like you, Ashley and her little girl had a safe place to stay. At the Mission they received daily meals, essentials they needed and other vital support. So they could rebuild their life again.

But the challenges didn’t end there. The effects of COVID-19 continued to hinder Ashley from moving forward.

“COVID made it very stressful to get anything done,” Ashley shares, remembering her frustration. “It seemed like every time I got ahead, I would get further behind.” 

Ashley was determined. With the help of her case manager, she learned new skills, found work and built a support system — something she never had before.

After only two months at the Mission, Ashley and her daughter were able to move out! Ashley is back to working two jobs. She is getting a degree in criminal justice and starting a business. Plus, she’s engaged to a man she loves and trusts.

“2020 was rough. Me and my daughter went through a lot,” Ashley shares.“Being at the Mission meant so much. It gave us stability.”

Ashley knows that she and her little girl would not be where they are today without the generosity of friends like you. 

“I appreciate you. I wouldn’t be where I am without your contributions,” she gratefully shares. “You make a huge difference for people who are really trying to build a better life.” 

Ashley is stepping into a bright future in 2021.And plans to give back as soon as she’s able.

“All the help I got, I want to pay it forward. It means the world to people who need it.”

Today you can give someone else the vital care, tools and resources they need, so they too, can rebuild their life like Ashley did. 

Each $19.91 you give today will provide a day of shelter, meals and care to help one person in dire need.