Alma’s Story

A Family Changed Foreverimg_5572

When Alma drove up to the Adams St. Family Campus she recalls thinking they must be lost, “It was such a beautiful place!” All they had was two black garbage bags with clothes.

At the Mission, Alma and her husband, Adrian, had a place to stay and the chance to face their addictions. The Mission’s Youth Program offered their girls, HeavenLee and Karizma, the resources and support necessary to catch up, academically and socially.

While at the Mission, HeavenLee and Karizma transformed from withdrawn, passive-aggressive and behind in school to engaged and enthusiastic.

Alma is especially grateful for the help they received in addressing Karizma’s struggle with dyslexia, saying, “They went all out to work with her interests. She’s grown so much! I never would have had the resources to do this on my own.”

Today, HeavenLee and Karizma are at grade level and have healthy peer relationships. HeavenLee is now attending Tacoma’s School of the Arts!

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