As a kid, Abi witnessed first-hand how addiction can tear a family apart. 

She watched her dad fall victim to it. As he tried to cope with his own childhood trauma. 

“My dad drank a lot and started getting into drugs,” Abi remembers sadly. “He became abusive. And it was getting progressively worse.”

Her mom left her dad when Abi was 15. Taking Abi and her brother with her to keep them safe. 

It was hard on everyone. 

Eventually the family moved on. But, Abi never dealt with her own hurt and grief.

She later married her best friend at 19 years old. And they had a beautiful baby boy a year later.

Things were going well until depression, stress and anxiety crept in. To cope, Abi repeated what she had seen growing up. She drank. 

Soon, Abi’s drinking became all consuming.

“My drinking got to a point where I couldn’t manage life at all,”Abi recalls. “I couldn’t wake up without drinking. I couldn’t be a mother. I couldn’t be a wife. I couldn’t go to work.”  

Abi’s husband finally had to give Abi an ultimatum. He told her that he loved her deeply but she couldn’t come home until she got help. For the sake of their son — who was living in fear of his mom.

Not knowing where to go, Abi ended up alone. Homeless. Hopeless.

That’s when she remembered a place called the Tacoma Rescue Mission. She and her husband had donated to them years before. 

Abi came to the Mission hungry, hurting and looking for a changed life

She got the help she needed by joining our New Life Recovery Program. In which, Abi had access to recovery care, mental health counseling, faith formation classes and more.

Abi stepped into a new life. She was sober. Healing from past hurt and trauma. And living out a powerful faith in Jesus.

I learned how to walk with God the right way,” she shares, full of gratitude. “I got my identity in Christ back. And it transformed everything.”

Even her relationship with her son was restored! He now sees her as a “rockstar” mom. Inspired by all she’s overcome.

“My son always tells me, ‘Mom, you’re the strongest person I know.’ To hear that from the child that used to be scared of me, it means the world,” Abi emotionally shares.

Thanks to the life-changing love of God and compassionate friends like you, Abi is thriving.

She’s even been able to give back by returning to the women’s New Life Recovery Program weekly to lead Bible studies, do arts and crafts and encourage the ladies there.

Abi knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without your generosity.

“Now I can be a mother. I can give back to society. I can live out the life God intended for me. I’m no longer broken and set aside. Thank you,” Abi shares gratefully.

Give the gift of new life this Easter to someone who’s hungry and hurting like Abi was. 

It can all start with a meal. Each meal can connect a neighbor in need to life-changing resources. Helping them escape the streets and begin rebuilding their life.

Every $2.38 you give will feed a neighbor in need. And can open the door to a whole new life!