Dear Tacoma Community;

I’m sad to report that last night, January 28, a young man experiencing homelessness and struggling with mental health in our community intentionally ran into the road in front of the Tacoma Rescue Mission’s Downtown Campus where he was struck by a car and killed. Earlier the same day this young man had come to the Mission for the very first time.

In the brief time he was on our campus, he left an impression with his energy and openness. As an organization we are deeply grieved at the loss of his life. We believe this man was valued and cherished by God.

I also write asking for your prayers. This was a very traumatic experience for the many staff, clients, and volunteers that were present. We are grateful for the professional response that has been available to those involved – specifically Pierce County Chaplains who responded quickly to provide support and counsel into the early morning hours last night, and again today.

This tragic loss has ripples that effect many people around the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Please join me in praying today and in the weeks to come for the family of the young man who was killed, for the driver of the car, the staff at the Mission and the people that were present when this occurred. These lives have all been impacted in a tragic way, and the impact will be lasting.


Duke Paulson, Executive Director