This Past Year

There are many key accomplishments to celebrate as we look at this past 2017-2018 fiscal year, all of which would not have been possible without the the support of our donors, volunteers and other community partners. Read our full annual report HERE.  

Marilyn’s Story: Finding a Voice

When Marilyn was put into foster care as a baby, she lost her voice.  She spoke up when she was abused in foster homes – which happened so frequently people stopped believing her. Instead of encouraging her to speak out, she was silenced and labeled a “liar” and a “problem child.” Every night she lay […]

Mari’s Story: The Power of Compassion at Thanksgiving

A few years ago, Mari and her husband were living in a tent on the side of the hill right across from the main entrance of the Tacoma Rescue Mission. They would come to us for meals, to take hot showers and to simply to be treated like regular people.   “There’s so many different […]

Irene’s Story: The Definition of Resilience

Irene is the definition of resilience. From a very early age, she was a victim and witness to many heinous acts of violence, emotional abuse, and rape. Irene grew up in the Philippines. By age 4, she had already experienced homelessness. Abandoned by her mother and left to survive with her grandparents who were living […]

The Power of Hope: Sophia’s Story

Before Sophia came to Tacoma Rescue Mission, she wasn’t just ready to give up. She basically had.  “I’ve been employed, a taxpayer, a student, a mom, I was all those things, and then I was homeless living in a tent, drug addicted,” she says. “I tried multiple times to stop. I tried multiple treatment centers […]

The Rescue Mission is for EVERYONE!

How Two Men Experienced Transformation In many ways, Samuel and Rusty couldn’t be more different.  Samuel didn’t finish high school and has struggled to find work most of his life. At 25, he’s already been homeless off and on for seven years. He’s battled debilitating depression and severe drug addiction. Rusty has had a successful […]

No One is Garbage.

Charles hated living in a tent in a homeless camp. “I had nowhere to go,” he says. But the thing that’s been hardest for him about being homeless is how other people have treated him. “People treat you like you’re scum when you’re homeless, and I’m not scum.” Charles is right. He’s not scum. No […]

A New Legacy

You could say that the legacy of addiction was handed down to Mingo before he was even a teenager.  “When I was 12, my auntie introduced me to crank,” he says.  Two years later, he moved out on his own and joined a gang here in Tacoma/ Pierce County. He’s tried practically every drug out […]

From Death to Life: One Woman’s Struggle.

For the four years she was on the streets, Kathleen says she felt dead. That’s not surprising considering all she had to endure.    In addition to dumpster diving, losing weight, going hungry and not having anywhere to take a hot shower, she and other women on the streets face a reality that most men […]

Evicted 3 Times Before the 5th Grade.

Imagine you’re 10 years old. Your dad works as the breadwinner for your family, struggling to make ends meet. Because of that, your family has been evicted. Three times. Then, you move into a big yellow house, bright and cheery with the hope of a real future. A few weeks later, your mom finds out […]

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