Daniel’s Story

“I planned on killing myself…” Daniel hit rock bottom when he was in jail. With no home to return to when he got out, Daniel was at an all-time low. But it was when his daughter hung up on him while he was in jail that he hit \ rock bottom. His heart was crushed. It was then that […]

Joe’s Story

Life on the streets was a matter of survival for Joe. Nearly overnight, food, water and shelter became his top priorities – requiring his full attention. Like many in our community, Joe was just one pay check away from homelessness. For him it came in the form of a torn ACL. He lost his construction […]

Summer on the Streets

Hot weather is dangerous for someone on the steets. Dehydration can lead to heat stroke, even death. Joe had been homeless in Tacoma for 2 years before entering the Mission’s New Life Program. Just a few weeks ago, he was going between shelter stays and camping on the streets. Ask him about his experience, and […]

The Garcia Family

When home is spelled S-U-V Many families in Pierce County are living just one step away from homelessness. For the Garcia’s, losing their housing in a fire pushed them over the edge. They couch surfed, but soon their options ran out. Eventually, they had to send their four oldest children to live with an aunt, […]

Adam’s Story

“I was about 7 years old… He was supposed to come get us. He called and said he wasn’t coming… I was crushed.” That was the last time Adam heard from his father. The void Adam’s father left was one his mother couldn’t fill. She worked rotating shifts at a glass factory to make ends […]

Art’s Story

A high school baseball star from a broken home Art’s parents divorced when he was a kid, growing up in Seatac in the 60’s. His dad wasn’t around, and while he excelled athletically, the lack of guidance in his house made it easier for him to slip into the wrong crowd. He started partying, and […]

“I AM” video

Hope For Tacoma’s Homeless