Our Mission

To offer God’s help, hope, and healing to the most impoverished members of our community.

Our Vision

That every homeless person in Pierce County has access to a complete and permanent pathway out of poverty as they pursue God’s plan for their lives.

Our Purpose

We help all people; including clients, volunteers, donors and staff, to become their best. We provide emergency services such as shelter and food to the homeless or hurting; offer self-sufficiency programs to help lift a person from poverty and break the chains of addictions; support prevention programs and share our Christian faith.


Our Values

Calling: We believe that God loves and cares for every single person, and is not willing to write off anyone. God has made us all in God’s Image with irreducibly divine value, dignity and purpose. We grow deeper in this truth as we answer God’s call to courageously offer our homeless neighbors HIS help, hope and healing.

Courage: God’s calling is into a twilight landscape of wreckage and dysfunction, in which the pathway forward is lit only by a belief in His ability to raise the dead. It takes courage to choose faith, hope and love in the face of brokenness.

Culture: God’s plan for healthy people is actuated through healthy, loving relationships which are the reason for, the vehicle of, and the reward of change. Our relational culture is the gift we offer to our clients.

Quality: Because we recognize the divine image of God in every individual, we strive toward the highest levels quality. In all of our programs and services we seek to uphold the God-given dignity of our clients and to measure our efficiency and effectiveness in bringing about positive, lasting change in individuals and our community as a whole.


Our History

The Tacoma Rescue Mission is proud to have served Tacoma and Pierce County since 1912. For over 100 years we have continued to serve in the name of Christ, while emphasizing the dignity of each person who enters our doors. We value the needs of our immediate community, and continually adapt to the changing needs of those who come to us for help.

Financial Accountability and other resources

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2017 Annual Report

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