Morgan* was born and raised in Tacoma. It’s the place she calls home, like many of us do. And like many of us, her life here has had its ups and downs.  

But the downs took their toll early on when her mother walked out on her at 15 years old. Morgan was left to fend for herself out on the streets. 

She felt abandoned and utterly alone, turning to drugs to cope. After years of being trapped in addiction, she was sick, tired and depressed. She thought she would never get clean and that no one would care even if she did.

 “I was really, really depressed,” Morgan shares. “I got to a point where I felt like I was going to hurt myself. So I said,‘God, if you really exist, help me.’”

God heard Morgan’s prayer and led her to us. She was accepted into our New Life Recovery Program. That’s where, at 47 years old, she discovered what had been missing her whole life – a real relationship with Jesus.  

“This program is what made the difference,” she says. “It’s not a clean and sober program, it’s discipleship.” 

Morgan was transformed through the love of Jesus. God’s grace, combined with crucial resources provided by a loving community, gave her hope. It allowed her to see and achieve her true potential.  

“I have the support of this community. I’ve never had genuine relationships before. It makes all the difference, it really does.” Morgan explains.  

For the first time, she was able to be honest about her struggles. And she began to believe that she is more than labels put on her like “addict” and “homeless.” Morgan realized that she is a new creation in Christ. 

Thanks to the support of friends like you and her community at the Mission, she gained the tools and resources she needed to overcome her addiction and thrive.

Morgan is now in the process of starting a business that restores beautiful things others have thrown aside. Because of you, she is rebuilding her life and has hope for the future. 

If not for the generosity of friends like you, Morgan would not have experienced the transforming love of Jesus. Or a community reminding her that she is not alone. 

Now, she knows in her heart that she matters and that she can do anything through Christ. 

“God has filled that part of my heart, that emptiness that I was chasing around for 40 something years. This is the first time I don’t feel that emptiness.”

*Name and Photo change to protect privacy.