We cannot do it alone – It takes a community to put an end to the hardship and trauma that homelessness, poverty and addiction cause. That is why we offer our Loving Your Neighbor workshop to church, school, business, and other community groups. It is designed to spread awareness to, educate, engage and galvanize people about the homelessness crisis in our community.

This highly interactive, two hour workshop provides basic education regarding the homelessness crisis in Tacoma and Pierce County and the services that are available for those experiencing homelessness. In addition, our workshop challenges the stigmas around people experiencing homelessness, shedding light on the truth behind the causes of homelessness and common misconceptions. The workshop concludes by offering ways to get involved through the Mission as well as providing space for community members to be creative in how they can make an impact.

If you would like more information on hosting the Loving Your Neighbor workshop at our church, school, business or community gathering please call 253-383-4493 or email Hayley at hayleyu@trm.org.

*This workshop can be adapted to cater to all age groups. Please schedule two weeks in advance.