Despite the pain and suffering Corrina has endured, God has been faithful. Leading her to a new and better life.

When Corrina was just four years old, she remembers her milk tasting strange.  

“I’d taste it, take it to my grandma and say, ‘This tastes funny.’ She’d say, ‘No it doesn’t. Sit down and drink it.’ From a very young age, my milk usually had liquor or wine in it.”  

At age five, Corrina and her mother got into a car accident. Young Corrina miraculously survived. Her mother did not.  

After her mother tragically died, Corrina’s grandfather began abusing her. 

She moved in with other relatives just to escape. But they were prone to violence and addiction. In no shape to care for her.

She bounced in and out of foster homes. Abuse — physical, emotional and sexual — was a part of Corrina’s everyday life. 

She grew up, moved out on her own and had a family. But she remained haunted by all the pain she had experienced. 

Corrina turned to drugs to numb the past hurt and intense trauma. To just escape.

She spiraled into addiction. And eventually found herself homeless and alone. This was not the life Corrina ever wanted for herself or for her children.

“I never wanted my kids to go through what I went through. It wasn’t fair to them. I needed to change,” Corrina emotionally shares

That’s when Corrina found the Mission’s New Life Recovery Program. Where she received the vital care, tools and resources she desperately needed to overcome her addiction, experience God’s love and heal.

While in the program, Corrina was reunited with her daughter, I’Naomi. 

Corrina and I’Naomi will never forget their first Christmas back together.

“I never have had a Christmas like we had at the Mission. They celebrated our lives, our children’s lives and the birth of Christ. We had joy, peace and felt loved.”Corrina gratefully shares.

Christmas was only one of the gifts friends like you gave Corrina. The biggest one was a changed life! 

Through our New Life Recovery Program, she met Jesus, overcame her addiction and got off the streets. Corrina and her daughter are now living in an apartment and thriving.  

For hurting individuals like Corrina, the path to a transformed life often begins with a meal. 

This Christmas, help a neighbor who’s desperate for a new life. Give crucial meals.

Meals at the Mission are a gateway to vital life-changing resources that can help someone step into a brighter future.

Every $2.38 Christmas meal you give will show love and can open the door to a new life for someone like Corrina!