Client stories

From Death to Life: One Woman’s Struggle.

For the four years she was on the streets, Kathleen says she felt dead. That’s not surprising considering all she had to endure.    In addition to dumpster diving, losing weight, going hungry and not having anywhere to take a hot shower, she and other women on the streets face a reality that most men […]

Evicted 3 Times Before the 5th Grade.

Imagine you’re 10 years old. Your dad works as the breadwinner for your family, struggling to make ends meet. Because of that, your family has been evicted. Three times. Then, you move into a big yellow house, bright and cheery with the hope of a real future. A few weeks later, your mom finds out […]

Thank You and Welcome!

Thank You As I reflect on my 6 months serving as the Interim spokesperson of the Tacoma Rescue Mission, I am filled with gratitude. I’m grateful that God gave me this opportunity to see our work from a different perspective. I’m thankful that I got to know more people and see a greater variety of […]

Out of Gas. Out of Hope.

You’ve driven by it countless times. It’s right on the I-5 corridor between Federal Way and Tacoma. It’s the rest area where most of us stop when we need some relief or need a quick jolt of coffee. But that rest area isn’t just a blip on the map for Marcella and Hector. It’s where […]

New Executive Director

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 20, 2018 TACOMA RESCUE MISSION ANNOUNCES NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Tacoma Rescue Mission proudly announces the appointment of Duke Paulson as its new Executive Director.  Duke will commence his role on April 12, 2018 as executive director of the 106-year-old organization. Duke comes to the Tacoma Rescue Mission with a wealth of knowledge […]

Miracle Baby Survives!

Her mom, Becky, was told she’d never have children. When she got pregnant, she and her husband Dave were overjoyed. But because they were living with Becky’s abusive mother, it also put their future plans into fast-forward. “My mom was very violent,” Becky says. “It was very horrible. She went for my stomach when I […]

Ashes to Atonement

Daily Lenten Devotionals Day 1: Ash Wednesday Across the country people are attending Ash Wednesday services, receiving the ashes and hearing one of two dictums spoken over them: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” or “Repent, and believe in the Gospel” While this is a time to contemplate our own […]

An Impossible Mission – Erica’s Story

An Impossible Mission: Erica’s Story Erica grew up in Tacoma. She knows all the corners and side streets. She has seen both the hope and the hurt that live side by side in this city. And has experienced both. Drugs and a constant flow of strange men was the norm at home. But still, there […]

Matthew’s Story part 2

Matthew finally beat the odds . . . And it wasn’t easy! Last month we shared part one of Matthew’s story – how molestation, abuse, violence and alcohol at five years old destroyed his childhood. How there were already drugs in his system when he was born. How he was addicted, alone and living on the […]

Matthew’s Story part 1

Matthew never had a chance. The surprise isn’t that Matthew is homeless; The surprise is that he survived, at all! It began when Matthew was an infant – he was born as a baby with an addiction, cocaine already in his system. By the time he was four he was homeless; his family was living […]