Imagining new, innovative & dignified ways to care for our Chronically unhoused neighbors

Our chronically homeless neighbors deserve dignity, care, and love. Through the Pierce County Village, we are so excited to imagine and implement new and innovative ways to care for and address the unique barriers of our neighbors experiencing chronic homelessness. In doing so, we are shaping a brighter future for our community and for all of Pierce County.

Community Village ModelA Community of Hope for Pierce County

Pierce County leaders are working to establish a planned community of micro homes, work opportunities, and onsite physical and mental health care, patterned after the stunningly successful Community First! Village near Austin, Texas. This new community would address the biggest challenge to homelessness in Pierce County: permanent housing for the chronically homeless. No homeless housing strategy is credible without addressing the chronically homeless. 

Pierce County commissioned an advisory board to make recommendations on the feasibility and merits of the Pierce County Village project. The findings of this advisory board were overwhelmingly positive. Those findings include:

  • This is an ideal location. There are no other properties available as well suited considering many factors including proximity to services, cost, size, or impact on neighbors.
  • The environmental concerns have all been addressed in a way that is beyond the minimum needed environmentally to proceed with the project.
  • The impact of the village development on the environment and land use is significantly less than the impact single-family housing would have, which is what the land is currently zoned for.
  • The operations and capital funding budgets are solid.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to serve our most chronically homeless, and there are no other barriers from the Mission to serving all people who want help.

To view a project timeline for the Pierce County Village, click here.

To view updated site development plans for the Pierce County village, click here.

Video made by Pierce County

A Successful ModelCommunity First! Village, Austin, Texas

Established in 2015 in Austin, TX, Community First Village (CFV) is a meticulously planned residential community with a primary mission of instilling hope, dignity, and purpose in individuals facing chronic homelessness. It achieves this through a combination of meaningful employment opportunities, restorative relationships, and a thriving communal environment. Inhabitants of CFV reside in well-designed microhomes, benefit from on-site addiction and mental health support services, and earn a fair wage by participating in various on-site microenterprises.

At its core, CFV asserts that homelessness is a human predicament necessitating a compassionate human response. The community is further enhanced by staff and volunteers living alongside formerly homeless residents to foster a stronger sense of belonging and community. Residents also contribute by paying rent and committing to being good neighbors.

“A production of Freethink and Mobile Loaves & Fishes partner Stand Together, “Finding Home” provides a close-up look at the innovative Community First! Village, a one-of-a-kind development in Austin, Texas that is designed specifically for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness.”