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Women experiencing homelessness in our community are hurting, alone and facing constant dangers. They need our help now. I pray you’ll join us for a few minutes during the week of June 1 – 5 to make a difference however you can. Every gift matters to a woman in dire need. 

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“How am I going to survive
the night?”

Tonight, hundreds of vulnerable women in our community will have nowhere to go…Due to the lack of shelter space in Pierce County, they are left to fend for themselves on the streets rejected, alone and terrified.

Help provide a safe place where women can escape the terror and trauma of the streets. A place where hope is renewed and lives are restored.

“I’d walk constantly, all hours of the night, because I didn’t have a safe spot to be. . .” – Kathleen
“It’s really hard to figure out where to go or 
 where to get your next meal.” – Marylin
“A lot of places wouldn’t accept me because I had a substance abuse disorder or because I’m a woman.” – Andrea   
“Fear is an ongoing emotion . . .” – Morgan
I didn’t know where to go.  I had no one on my side. I was terrified.” – Mika
“You feel like you’ve lost everything. You’ve lost all hope.” – Debbie
“I found myself with absolutely nowhere to go.” – Nicole
“If only I had somewhere to go . . . it would have meant getting out of my situation” – Cora
“I was assaulted after I accepted a ride from a stranger one night” – Amber
If there was more shelter available when I needed it, It would’ve saved me from a lot of bad things” – Christina
“The struggles of being on the street is not knowing where’ I’m going to sleep every night.” – Hannah
“I’d walk constantly, all hours of the night.  I didn’t have a safe place to be.” – Cheryl
“I was eventually coerced into a domestic sex trafficking ring  . . . and forced to sell my body . . .” – Stefanie 
“. . . and he grabs my throat harder, and says, ‘You’re going to do what want’. . . and I thought, ‘I’m gonna die’.” – Erica
“These women are in survival mode. . . . They can’t even think about thriving because they’re just trying to survive.” – Brenda
“Night after night, it was the same thing.  I had nowhere to lay my head” – Maria

Your gift today will help vulnerable
women go from merely surviving to thriving by
providing life-changing resources including:

Thanks to our Sponsors for Helping Make a Lasting Difference for Vulnerable Women and Our Community.

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You are helping provide refuge for vulnerable women in our community and changing lives for years to come.