GOOD NEIGHBOR VILLAGE (GNV) will provide permanent housing and care to Pierce County’s chronically homeless neighbors. Restoring dignity, purpose, and stability within a safe, supportive, and healing community. Learn more about this exciting project and how you can get involved below.

Get involved

GIVE A GIFT: Consider making a multi-year pledge to support the Good Neighbor Village. Email for more information on how you can join alongside other financial partners. 

SPREAD THE WORD: Talk to your community about it! You can also let us know about others in your community who would be interested in learning more.

WRITE A LETTER OF SUPPORT: Write a letter of support to the Hearing Examiner to keep this project on track. Submit a letter HERE.

Have questions? Contact us:

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The solution: Good neihgbor village

GOOD NEIGHBOR VILLAGE (GNV) will provide permanent housing and care to Pierce County’s chronically homeless neighbors. Restoring dignity, purpose, and stability within a safe, supportive and healing community.

  • GNV is based on the Community First! Village, a successful model outside of Austin, Texas.
  • It will provide 260 single-unit homes located on a property near Joint Base Lewis McChord in Spanaway.
  • Supportive services will be provided to residents including: health and dental care, mental health counseling, addiction treatment, among others.
  • Residents must pay rent, abide by community rules, and have a job (usually related to the maintenance of the village).
  • GNV will have 10-2- units for “Missionals” – people from the larger community, employed outside of the village who volunteer to live in and serve the village, its residents, and its neighbors.

Community First! Village, Austin, Texas

Established in 2015 in Austin, TX, Community First Village (CFV) is a meticulously planned residential community with a primary mission of instilling hope, dignity, and purpose in individuals facing chronic homelessness. It achieves this through a combination of meaningful employment opportunities, restorative relationships, and a thriving communal environment. Inhabitants of CFV reside in well-designed microhomes, benefit from on-site addiction and mental health support services, and earn a fair wage by participating in various on-site microenterprises.

At its core, CFV asserts that homelessness is a human predicament necessitating a compassionate human response. The community is further enhanced by staff and volunteers living alongside formerly homeless residents to foster a stronger sense of belonging and community. Residents also contribute by paying rent and committing to being good neighbors.

Community First! Village in Austin, Texas.

A production of Freethink and Mobile Loaves & Fishes partner Stand Together, “Finding Home” provides a close-up look at the innovative Community First! Village, a one-of-a-kind development in Austin, Texas that is designed specifically for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness.”

Read about Community First! Village in the New York Times

Photo Courtesy of Community First! Village in Austin, TX

The funding

GNV will eventually be self-sustaining through income streams like housing, veteran benefits, choice vouchers, rental income, and TRM’s ongoing fundraising efforts.

Pierce County has allocated $21.5 million toward the project and will release all the funds over the next 12 months. These funds will go toward infrastructure needs like engineering, roads, sewer, and power.

TRM has committed to raising $18 million in cash in-kind services from the community to pay for infrastructure and start-up costs.