April’s Story

August 9, 2017 |

Blankets, Food and a Chance

When you sit down and talk to April, you can tell she wants to be like any other kid.

“I love stuffed animals,” she says.

April keeps trying to turn the conversation towards fun things — the garden she helps water and how good she is at reading. Even though she’s only in second grade, she knows that no one wants to hear the bad parts of life. She does her best to hide what she’s been through, but now and then you get glimpses of what life was like before her family came to the Mission.

“I got a new sleeping bag, because I knew I was going to sleep on the ground.” -April

April is too smart to be tricked into thinking she was camping. She knew her family had lost everything.

“We had been living in this apartment,” her brother Kyle, who is 11, says. “It looked like it was gonna fall apart. My mom saw mold growing under the kitchen sink. The bathroom floors looked like you’d fall right through.”

“It wasn’t livable,” Kira, the oldest at 13, adds. “But we couldn’t afford it so we had to move out.”

That’s where April’s sleeping bag comes in. They had lost nearly everything else. Their mom had been working as hard as she could. She even went back to school, but without extra help, there was no way she would ever break out of poverty – or give her children the future they needed.

“We came here without food or blankets,” Kira says. “We’ve been struggling a lot with our bills.”

That’s a lot for any child to worry about, and yet that’s the reality these three kids – and many more like them – had until they came to the Mission.

“Now we have somewhere to live,” Kira says.

“Everyone is so nice,” April says of her first impression of the Mission.

But we don’t just aim to be nice. With your help, these children will have a whole different future.

Food, beds, safety and hope are just the start.

“Now we have a lot of opportunities.” – Kira